Winners Work Together: Individuality Gives Way to a Collective Mission


Ages 10-14


Inquiry Question:

How can people of differing opinions work together to accomplish something outside of themselves that serves a greater purpose?


Workshop Description: 

Delve into this inquiry, which is central to the idea of thinking about the bigger goal with a social justice lens. Based on two pictures books, “The Marshmallow Incident” by Judi Barrett and “The Enemy: A Book About Peace” by Davide Cali, this workshop provides enjoyable and practical strategies to support students in reflecting on real life situations. Experiential learning allows your students to live life from a different point of view. The conversations out of role are compelling as participants relate their learning to their own experience, other texts and the world. Connections with other curriculum areas are authentic and powerful. Handout provided.


Your students will be able to:

  1. Experience a deeper working relationship with others

  2. Connect with classmates as a cohesive whole

  3. Realize their contribution is valuable

  4. Discover the thrill of collaborative work

  5. Appreciate others for unique and rich perspectives