Upper Elementary - Adults


Developing an Empowering Perspective After Trauma 

Ages 10-14

Inquiry: Can trauma give us perspective and motivation to make a difference in the world?

Description: While examining the plight of modern refugees by living inside a story, participants are empowered to reflect on their own journeys of change and trauma.


Cultural Respect: Europeans Meet Indigenous Peoples

AGES 9-14

Inquiry: How have the voices of people from past and present been heard in Canada?

Description: Through embodied learning, students experience the values and perspectives of two different cultures, the Europeans and the Indigenous peoples, about 500 years ago.

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Remembrance Day – Imagining a Better World

Ages 9-adult

Inquiry: What causes war? How can we prevent it?

Description: Using two picture books as source material, you can have your students experience the creative process as they explore the theme of war. They learn that small arguments and disagreements need to be well managed to prevent escalation.


Biodiversity and the New Building Project

Ages 10-14

Inquiry: How could the new building project affect living things in our neighborhood?

Description: Using a real-life issue in the community, your students, in role as world famous scientists, must conduct interviews, research and defend a point of view of one of several groups when considering the building of a railway (or other major project) through the community.

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Poverty Amongst Us: Brain-compatible strategies to engage our students

Ages 11-adult

Inquiry: What brain compatible strategies can we use to engage our students? And, how can we teach our students to care for the needy?

Description: Children in our class are hungry. Learn how to reach our needy students with targeted strategies.


Us and Them

Ages 11-15

Inquiry: What causes war? At what point could we have gone in a better direction?

Description: Through this powerful work on diversity and equity, students ages 11-15, live inside a story (using multiple role play strategies) and experience a journey of twists and turns which teach real life lessons without real life consequences.


Alive Retreat – A Chest Full of Possibilities

Adults – 3 day retreat for educators

Inquiry: How can we thrive in our chosen profession?

Description: We must nurture our main resource, our educators, to impact our future! With continuous changes, “added workload” and “political upheaval”, is it possible to truly thrive in our chosen profession? It is essential we have good self-care, the ability to say “no”as well as healthy perspectives.

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The Underground Railway

Ages 9-adult

Inquiry: What conditions would make one decide to leave everything behind?

Description: Using two picture books as a provocation, participants are immersed in a story of power and oppression experiencing for themselves the feeling of injustice. In an age-appropriate manner, the idea of privilege and oppression is explored.

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Living Inside a Story – Understanding Text and Subtext

Ages 4-adult

Inquiry: How can we think like the characters and really understand them? How do they connect to our lives? 

Description: Experience a story in “first person” through collaborative problem-solving strategies, which deepen intrinsic learning.


SmARTS for Well-Being

Staff - Students - parents and children - Corporations

Inquiry: How can we de-escalate a conflict? How can we eliminate the emotional reaction and respond thoughtfully instead? How can we re-establish relationships so they work?

Description: Using a Socratic approach and experiential learning, participants will engage in individual and cooperative activities to build Social and Emotional Learning skills and community.

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I am a Refugee

Ages 11-15

Inquiry:  What is it like for a refugee? What can we do?

Description: This workshop is based on a poignant drama written by Jonathan Neelands.  With the plight of so many refugees fleeing their homes and uprooting to start new lives, this kind of work is critical for building understanding and empathy.

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I Hear You, Seepeetza

Ages 11-adult

Inquiry:  How do we show empathy and respect to one who seems so different?

Description: “I Hear You, Seepeetza” is a process drama based on an Indigenous first-hand account in Shirley Sterling’s book called, “My Name is Seepeetza.”


Winners Work Together: Individuality Gives Way to a Collective Mission

Ages 10-14

Inquiry: How can people of differing opinions work together to accomplish something outside of themselves that serves a greater purpose?

Description: Delve into this inquiry, which is central to the idea of thinking about the bigger goal with a social justice lens.