The Underground Railway 


Ages 9-adult


What conditions would make one decide to leave everything behind?

Workshop Description:

Using two picture books as a provocation, participants are immersed in a story of power and oppression experiencing for themselves the feeling of injustice. In an age-appropriate manner, the idea of privilege and oppression is explored. In role as slaves who work the fields and sing songs with hidden messages, participants must make difficult choices. Through powerful strategies such as overheard conversations and a town hall they must consider the risks of leaving and the risks of staying on the plantation. Singing, dance, tableaux work, writing in role and scene work bring a level of understanding that deepens the learning. Then learn how to share the work at an assembly or performance opportunity. Handout provided.


Your students will be able to:

1.    Realize that even carefully weighed decisions can be extremely challenging

2.    Live inside a role providing deep insight and connection

3.    Express themselves physically through creative movement

4.    Defend a position and listen for input from others

5.    Express themselves clearly and profoundly when sharing the work