The Truth about Us – Learned from the Beetle 

By Dr.Sherry Kerr in collaboration with Margaret Boersma, OCT


Ages 4-8


How can I grow into all I can be?


Workshop Description:

This unit focuses on lessons of identity and growth mindset. Through experiential learning strategies, students live inside the story and learn lessons from Mother Beetle and their adventures with Rat. Strategies such as soundscape, adventures in the forest, interviewing to discover another perspective, movement sentences, dance and tableaux, teachers enable students to deepen the learning while making connections to their own lives, other stories, and life in their communities. Handout provided.


Your students will be able to:

1.   Recognize and develop a sense of identity

2.   Learn powerful growth mindset phrases while applying them to a specific situation

3.   Work collaboratively to solve problems

4.   Interview to gain information and perspective

5.   Give powerful advice recognizing their own abilities