The Skin I’m in


Ages 7-9


Can we see ourselves in others? What does respect look like?

Workshop Description:

Using a Dr. Seuss’s book as a provocation, this integrated arts workshop focuses on the theme of racism.  Through role-play, participants receive a shocking invitation and are then guided to develop their own story. Through this educational drama, participants realize their own prejudices and work towards a win/win solution of inclusiveness. This is a powerful unit, bringing a stark awareness of students’ own biases, providing a platform to deal with anti‐bullying.

Your students will be able to:

  1.  Create an awareness of body language enabling students to recognize non-verbal communication 

  2. Think about a situation from a more empowering context which can change the outcome

  3. Work in teams bringing strength to ideas and validating possible solutions

  4. Experience working together to bring about a win/win solution