Storytelling with Seniors


Ages 8-12


How can stories of challenge and humour provide a connection between generations?


Workshop Description:

Student inquiries include, what can I learn from the elderly?  Do they have life lessons from which I can learn?  Can I understand the emotions of another person?

This workshop encourages student connections outside the school walls. Teach your students how to read body language and facial expressions, to recognize feelings, emotions and analyze text to elicit feelings. Then, using music as a provocation, participants create their own stories of challenge and humour. Explore a variety of approaches to communicate stories vividly and using the body (gestures and creative movement.) Learn skills in creating good interview questions for the seniors. Understand how students bond with seniors sharing stories even when there are language issues to work around. 


Your students will be able to:

1.    Recognize body language and facial expressions as communication

2.    Create and share vivid stories

3.    Listen and value the sharing of stories from others

4.    Appreciate the impact they have on others