SmARTS for Well-Being

EI for Groups & CORPORATE



How can we de-escalate a conflict? How can we eliminate the emotional reaction and respond thoughtfully instead? How can we re-establish relationships so they work?

What Participants Will Do?

Using a Socratic approach and experiential learning, participants will engage in individual and cooperative activities to build Social and Emotional Learning skills and community. Create a culture of mutual respect as well as a new model of communication and you can transform your workplace. Participants will:

  • “Separate the Story”: Detach the story from the event so it loses its grip.

  •  “Make-it-Right Formula”: Re-establish relationships so they work.

  • “Through Your Lenses”: Assimilate perspective training to eliminate the emotional   reaction and respond thoughtfully instead.


Your colleagues will be able to:

1.   Eliminate the emotional reaction and respond instead

2.   De-escalate a conflict

3.   Implement the “Make it Right” formula

4.   Bring down the stress level