Remembrance Day – Imagining a Better World


Ages 9-adult


Inquiry Question:

What causes war? How can we prevent it?


Workshop Description:

Using two picture books as source material, you can have your students experience the creative process as they explore the theme of war. They learn that small arguments and disagreements need to be well managed to prevent escalation. Using partner and individual movement sentences, shape dances, mirroring, flocking, and chanting, students create a physical theatre/dance piece to communicate their ideas and feelings about the theme including their wishes for a better world. Handout provided.


Your students will be able to:

1.    Put themselves in the shoes of another

2.    Realize an unresolved argument can escalate

3.    Learn to de-escalate a disagreement

4.    Consider their wishes for a better world

5.    Learn simple techniques to create a powerful assembly piece