I WISH I KNEW EDU: Looking back and leaning forward

A wonderful conversation with Margaret Boersma about the past, present and future of her career in education.


Personal Playlist Podcast

Creative Education Consultant, Margaret Boersma (@BoersmaMargaret) shares her personal playlist with Noa Daniel (@noasbobs)

Wellbeing For All

In this episode, we dive into:

  • How we create our own perception of situations

  • How to make situations right with others and with ourselves

  • How the more parts of the brain we use, the better the learning and the retention

  • How she makes learning stick

  • How we look for evidence for our inherent beliefs

  • Practical strategies to process our emotions and how to address difficult situations

  • The meaning we give to different events in our lives

Stay tuned for Margaret's online course coming up this fall.


An Urban Retreat

Stephen Hurley is joined by Margaret Boersma and Carrie Rubel who, along with Marise Foster are inviting Toronto-area residents to an Urban Retreat. It's a way to Shift your Stress in today's busy world. The event is on November 3, 2018, but the power of this conversation can't be put on an calendar.


dHLOnAir + Margaret Boersma

Margaret Boersma, OCT, is a creative educational consultant, coach, teaching artist, curriculum writer, thought leader and speaker, who is passionate about effecting a transformation in the education system by her innovative ‘first person learning’ approach to teaching.

With over 30 years experience teaching kindergarten to grade 8, Margaret is a life-long enthusiast of brain compatible strategies to engage students in a process of learning that incorporates ‘powerful personal expression’. Her methodology embeds social and emotional skills while enhancing the teacher and student communication synergy. This approach gets to the heart of how our students retain, relate and recreate themselves. The result is that students are empowered in their work, academic achievement escalates, powerful learning skills are adopted and students are compassionate citizens with a desire to make a difference.