Movement: The Magic of Storytelling


Acting Directors

Workshop Description:

Extend your movement repertoire to meet the interests and strengths of your actors and powerfully engage your audiences!  This fun, active and creative workshop will address multiple entry points into physicalizing the feelings and ideas of characters, heightening audience engagement and deepening their connection to characters and themes.  Participants will use their own ideas and natural ways of moving to explore the five elements of dance and learn a variety of entry points for creating dances and natural movements with actors of any age.  Strategies such as verb chains, positive and negative space, mirroring with a twist and flocking will be included.  You will leave with a repertoire of ideas that can be used creatively for any production.


Your actors will be able to:

  1. Create natural movements that fit the character

  2. Support blocking choices

  3. Work with specific strategies to create movement pieces and dances

  4. Visually express a story with ease