Meet Margaret Boersma

Creative Education In Action


Our Mission

We transform classroom practice to enable students and teachers to thrive.

Our Vision

We stand for creative actions that transform education.

 We Believe

Everyone is a learner.

 Children learn best within an environment of discovery.

All students must be empowered to make a positive difference in the world.

The way we teach and empower students and their teachers includes “a first-person learning approach” by living inside a story. Participants are encouraged to use their imagination and innate ways of learning including moving, pretending, making sounds and images. SEL is foundational and is taught and practiced every day within diverse contexts.

Margaret Boersma OCT, Creator and Educator, serves as a consultant, coach, curriculum writer, workshop facilitator, thought leader and speaker. She loves to customize the work to fulfill on your learning goals. 

A few defining moments in her school life set Margaret on a course to make a difference with students everywhere. (Read “A Message from Margaret: Defining Moments”) Her desire to work with teachers to reach more students partners with her pursuits as a life-long learner. She specializes in creative education and social and emotional learning (SEL) involving brain compatible strategies to engage students in the learning process. 

Teaching Bio:

Margaret Boersma, OCT is an educational consultant and teacher trainer. Her career in teaching, combined with her expertise in social/emotional learning allows her to integrate the affective domain (people skills) with the academic curriculum. Her innovative training and consulting work results in students accelerating in leadership and communication skills while becoming compassionate citizens. Margaret’s use of brain- compatible strategies to engage and internalize learning allows her to create unique, cross-curricular programs that reach all students. She works with schools, school boards/districts and faculties of education in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.  

Corporate Bio:

Margaret Boersma, OCT is an educational consultant, trainer, speaker with proficiency in Emotional Intelligence. Her career in teaching, combined with her expertise in social/emotional learning allows her to assimilate the affective domain (people skills) in the context of a company’s goals. In the role of a catalyst, her innovative programs are experiential in nature and have participants highly engaged in creating memorable and practical integration into their workplace.  Results are leadership skills, new models of communication and collaborative employees who embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. Margaret’s use of brain-compatible strategies to engage and internalize learning makes the transfer of knowledge to life impactful. She consults across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. 


Margaret is a powerful expression of making a difference.