Kindness is the Key 


Ages 7-9

Inquiry Question:

How can we settle with a friend? What can we do to make a difference?


Workshop Description: 

Develop emotional and social awareness by living inside a story. Teach your students to recognize community values and what to do when there is an upset. Inside a charming story, an analogy for everyday life, participants work to discover a way forward that allows their community to flourish. In role, through critical thinking, teamwork and community values, participants problem-solve to create happiness and harmony in their community. Teach your students practical strategies such as the “Make-it-Right” Formula and “Through Your Lenses” to transfer their learning to their relationships and empower them to manage their social and emotional well-being. Handout provided. 

Your students will be able to:

1.   Understand there are different points of view that are also valid

2.   Problem-solve collaboratively

3.   See another perspective and mirror what was meant

4.   Make any relationship workable using the “Make-it-Right” formula