I Hear You, Seepeetza


Ages 11-adult



How do we show empathy and respect to one who seems so different?


Workshop Description:

 “I Hear You, Seepeetza” is a process drama based on an Indigenous first-hand account in Shirley Sterling’s book called, “My Name is Seepeetza.”  Students gain a basic understanding of environmental values and 7 Grandfather teachings held by many Indigenous People.  Through various drama strategies, students are emotionally engaged as they are introduced to two different cultures.  Authentic voice is expressed through Shirley Sterling’s first-hand account of her experience in the residential school which allows students to get a basic understanding of the plight of Indigenous people as others came to Canada.  “My Name is Seepeetza” is “a moving account of one of the most blatant expressions of racism in the history of Canada.” (back cover) This Drama unit integrates Language Arts, History/Social Studies and Social/Emotional Learning.


Your students will be able to:

1.   Appreciate the point of view of another culture

2.   Grasp particular environmental values of the Indigenous People

3.   Recognize injustice experienced in Seepeetza’s residential school

4.   Realize the difference between the values of Seepeetza’s home and that of her school

5.   Articulate their understanding of Seepeetza’s experiences