Developing Working Memory

- Lunch ‘n Learn -


Ages 4-adult


How can we develop one of the top skills students need to succeed?

Source: Fukuda & Vogel, 2009, Daneman & Carpenter, 1980 and Barrouillet & Lecas, 1999.


Workshop Description:

According to studies, working memory is one of the top skills students of lower socioeconomic backgrounds need to succeed. As well, working memory at age 5 is a greater predictor of academic success than IQ is at age 10. (Alloway & Alloway, 2010.) With just 12-15 minutes a day, teachers can make all the difference to student success by helping them with specific types of activities that can develop the neuropathways that enable them to succeed. This interactive workshop provides lots of fun as we discover how we can make the biggest impact on our students’ success. 


Your students will be able to:

1.   Enjoy activities that require full focus and attention

2.   Develop and strengthen neuropathways that ignite working memory

3.   Transfer their skills to specific academic areas such as Math, Spelling and History

4.   Enroll parents in partnering with their children in these activities