Choices: The Candy Factory or the Animals and Trees


Ages 7-9


What does it look like to be responsible?



With a focus on responsibility, this environment unit includes a town hall in which villagers want to protect the environment and government officials want to build a candy factory.  Two points of view are explored, each equally valid. Learn how your students can quickly switch their objectives from supporting the building of a candy factory to protecting the local environment. Connections are made to student responsibility in their own life. Included in the unit are trust exercises, team-building games and activities, and perspective training inside relationships. Handout provided.


Your students will be able to:

1.   Consider the importance of our actions in caring for the quality of air and water in the environment

2.   Deliberate the importance of our actions for the care and survival of animals

3.   Debate the pros and cons of our actions at the level of community

4.   Recognize that responsibility brings a sense of freedom