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Do You Get Triggered?

Sometimes we try so hard to ‘work on our relationships’ by doing thoughtful favors, giving gifts or helping out in practical ways and still…it will come out that something is not perfect about the way we are being perceived by that person. We will have a better-quality life if we take responsibility for everything…even if we feel that only a smidgen is really our responsibility. Consider, that there may be, even a small amount, of truth to the comment. Consider, there is an unresolved issue from the past that keeps these thoughts and comments alive. Consider, that taking responsibility brings us freedom. So, clear your space whenever you need to.

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Kindness is the Cure

A grade three student says, "You mean we can be friends again after we make amistake?" Students learn the “Make-it-Right Formula" and ah-ha! moments are visible in their eyes. The thrill of those ah-ha! moments gives me great joy! And it doesn't matter if it happens with children or adults; the thrill is the same.

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