Biodiversity and the New Building Project


Ages 10-14


How could the new building project affect living things in our neighborhood?


Workshop Description:

Using a real-life issue in the community, your students, in role as world famous scientists, must conduct interviews,research and defend a point of view of one of several groups when considering the building of a railway (or other major project) through the community. Learn how to integrate themes of biodiversity, plants and soils, and have your students create infomercials, soundscapes, reports for a major newspaper and a front-page article with students role as “Guardians of the Planet.” Cover multiple subject expectations by integrating music, dance, drama, science and writing expectations while dealing with a current issue. Handouts provided. 


Your students will be able to:

1.   Collaborate with others in researching, creating and defending a point of view

2.   Demonstrate their learning in creative ways

3.   Present like an expert in their field

4.   Consider the state of the environment and their ideas for the future