Alive Retreat

A Chest Full of Possibilities


Adults – 3 day retreat for educators



How can we thrive in our chosen profession?


Workshop Description:

We must nurture our main resource, our educators, to impact our future!

With continuous changes, “added workload” and political upheaval, is it possible to truly thrive in our chosen profession?  It is essential we have good self-care, the ability to say “no” as well as healthy perspectives.  This interactive retreat includes playful exploration using arts integration within the curriculum. We will emphasize coping strategies as we focus on practical, life changing strategies for lowering stress, eliminating emotional reaction and de-escalating a conflict. Participants will create a visual art piece that will remind them of these powerful strategies when they need them most.  Teachers’ well-being is critical to student well-being and success! Handout provided.


Your students will be able to:

1.    Lower their stress

2.    Eliminate the emotional reaction and respond instead

3.    De-escalate a conflict

4.    Integrate the arts with the curriculum

5.    Enjoy time to reflect and to connect with others